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About Me

Aspiring Gameplay Programmer

My name is Teoh Kheng Hoek,  a 24 years old aspiring to be gameplay programmer. currently residing in Malaysia. I am an actuarial science degree holder who is working hard to make a transition to be a game play programmer . Currently, i am working at the business sector while honing my skills, waiting and willing to explore any opportunity that could advance my goal.

Github Page:


My Games

1. Alas Astra

Among distant stars a lone Robot Knight must stand against an ancient and unfathomable evil. Explore the vast and alien Degathalion space station and battle the nefarious Xetanoids in a daring quest to confront their rulers and save the Centaurus galax.

I am the lead programmer for the project. All programming task shown in the video is done by myself.

2. RTS Systems

This project is made inspired by the RTS genre as well as my favourite game dota 2. In this project, i will  implement vision, control as well as mini map in a multiplayer settings that are commonly found in those game inside UE4.

RTS project

RTS project

3. SwordGame

This game is an ARPG style hack and slash created in UE4 by using both blueprint and c++ by myself.  The game offers player a few different weapons and also a stealth approach to progress through the game. The game is also equipped with basic functionality you would expect from an ARPG game like quests, inventory, key bindings, save and load system.