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Blueprint and c++

This is a showcase of different projects i have worked on. Some of the projects have NDA so i can only leave its social media platform here to showcase what i have done.

a.) Thunder (Multiplayer First person shooter game).

This is a unique fast paced multiplayer first person shooter game that also features a capture the flag system, named SKED. So you can place thrones(flags throughout the world), and depending which throne you captured and how many scores you have accumulated through capturing thrones, there could be different scenario triggering. What i have done for the project: 

1.) Major gameplay logic, involving almost every aspect of the core gameplay

2.) Ensure that the gameplay logic has replication wherever necessary to support multiplayer gameplay

3.) Creating widget to be linked together with the core gameplay.

This a link to the company weekly marketing/update channel

b.) Other skills/ features i built for other games as freelance contracter

Skills/features Showcase

Skills/features Showcase

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