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ARPG style hack and slash game with UE4 and Blender


Blueprint and c++

I have created this game with UE4, blender and assets from unreal or the internet. All of the code, animations and most of the 3D meshes are created by myself. The 3d asset does not look amazing but since this is my first 3D game, i believe it is necessary i create the asset by myself so i can have a more holistic understanding of 3D game development. Ultimately, it does enhance my understanding on optimization and how a character is being created, imported into game engine and being programmed to function.

Jan 2018- Dec 2018


  1. AI equipped with hearing, vision and damage senses.

  2. Three modes available for AI(Excluding bosses). AI will switch between patrol, suspicious and attack mode based on the AI perception input.


  • Inventory System. 

  1. Able to buy and sell item​

  2. Able to move item between different inventory slots.

  • Quest System

  1. Map based quest system. Each map has their own quest.​

  2. Fully functional with save and load system. 

  • Save System​

  1. Save and load system implemented. ​

  • Menu System​​

  1. Graphic settings available.

  2. Keybinding settings and tooltips to explain each key.

  • Resources System

  1. Health globe and Mana globe available.

  2. Stamina bar available.


  1. Stealth option available.​

  2. Four weapons available. Each with different attack pattern and special abilities. 
  3. Focus Camera option available allowing player face the focused enemy at all times. 
  4. Horse riding available.


Currently, the game has two level available. If the above description catches your interest, you can download the game with the link below. Please feedback to me if you enjoy the game or not, it would mean alot to me.

Focusing at Work


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